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Visions and Values

Our Vision at Ravenscroft Nursery School is:-


For the children.......


To be welcomed into the school community


To be valued as an individual


To be offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences that will enhance their skills and knowledge


To be encouraged to be independent in their thinking and learning


To learn through play and through first-hand experience


To have access to a meaningful, focused, enjoyable curriculum


To develop a sense of kindness and respectfulness


To develop the qualities of confidence, enthusiasm and tolerance and perseverance


To become prepared for the next stage of their education


For the parents/carers......


To be provided with a welcoming environment


To be valued as individuals


To have a positive experience of their children's first steps into the educational system


To work in partnership with the school staff in a spirit of mutual respect, honesty and openness


To be informed about the curriculum and experiences that are available in the Nursery


To be aware of and share in the values of the school community


For the staff......


To work within an atmosphere of mutual kindness, honesty and respect


To work with a sense of commitment to the children, parents and staff team


To have the opportunity to develop their own expertise, knowledge and skills


For the governors......


To work in partnership with the staff


To be involved in the life of the school


To fulfill their roles and responsibilities with commitment and enthusiasm

ETI Inspection Report 2018