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Intimate Care Policy Translatable Version

Changing and Intimate Care Policy

At Ravenscroft Nursery School, we provide a purely play based curriculum to very young children. We recognise that wetting/soiling accidents may occur from time to time, necessitating a change of clothing to ensure the comfort, well being and health of the child.

These ‘accidents’ may arise from toileting issues/mishaps or may occur curriculum activities such as messy/water based /outdoor play. Whatever the reason, all staff at Ravenscroft Nursery School are equipped to provide appropriate care when assisting a child in the Nursery School with a change of clothing should it be required.

Both bathrooms – Nursery 1 and Nursery 2-keep a stock of clean, dry clothes and undergarments should a child need a set of clothing to change into. We also offer parents the option of supplying their own change of clothing as we recognise that some children may feel reassured by being changed into their own, familiar clothing. Where parents opt to provide a change of clothes, these should be kept in a bag on their child’s coatpeg. Before beginning a changing procedure, staff will always check to see if a change is available on the child’s coatpeg- if not, school clothing is used for the change- care is taken to provide similar clothing- e.g. Winter clothing/layers in winter. Only permanent staff members will assist a pupil with a clothing change. In order to safeguard the child and the staff member, another staff member is always made aware that a changing procedure is about to commence. The child will be changed close to the entrance of the bathroom, where the staff member working in the classroom can observe/see this change taking place.

Whilst children in the Nursery may be at differing developmental stages regarding toileting or managing clothing, staff will always offer an appropriate amount of assistance with changing, (staff do not routinely provide assistance such as wiping bottoms for example), matching it to the child’s developmental level in toileting and managing clothing. Staff at all times provide a loving, caring approach to supporting progress the child’s towards independence.

A log is kept in each bathroom to record date, time and details of change reason/action taken- this is countersigned by the observing staff member. Parents are given a written slip at the end of the session, detailing the change and reason why it was necessary- this slip may be placed inside a plastic bag along with the wet/soiled clothing or in some instances where clothing is very wet or soiled the slip may be placed in the child’s individual cubby.

Additionally, very soiled clothing may be disposed of hygienically at the discretion of staff. Should this happen, parents will be offered a replacement item of clothing from the school. Baby wipes are available should they need to be used for soiling accidents. Should it become apparent over a period of time that a child is not fully toilet trained and is having frequent toileting accidents then this will be raised with parents by the class teacher with a view to putting a suitable plan in place to support the child’s developmental progress in toilet training. In some circumstances this may mean reducing the school day so that the child can benefit from an emotionally and developmentally appropriate toilet training experience. Parents will also be advised to contact their Health Visitor for advice and support. Our Parent Worker is also available to offer advice and support on toileting issues.

Students at Ravenscroft Nursery School are never permitted to change a child, nor are they permitted to enter the bathroom area unaccompanied by a staff member when a child is present in this area.

Parents offering toileting support to their own child in school

Staff of Ravenscroft Nursery School will be alert to situations which may arise at the beginning/end of school day or during school events where parents may accompany their own child into the school bathrooms when another child is present in the bathroom. Parents are issued guidance at the beginning of the school year that they should not place themselves into such a situation, but should ask a staff member who would be happy to accompany them in the bathroom area. Should a staff member be aware that a parent is in the bathroom at the same time as another child, they should ensure that they enter/join the parent in the bathroom area to provide safeguarding support.

Parents accompanying their child on a school outing are made aware (at the outset of each trip) of the School’s policy on assisting children other than their own with toileting, intimate care and changing – they are advised that this may only be done by a permanent staff member.

Intimate Care which may include Nappy Changing

Ravenscroft Nursery School is an inclusive school and welcomes children with a wide range of needs. This may include children who are not fully toilet trained for developmental or medical reasons.

When a pupil of Ravenscroft Nursery School has identified needs which mean that he/she requires nappy changing during the school day, this will be discussed with the child’s parents prior to beginning school, and an appropriate Intimate Care Plan drawn up in consultation/agreement with the parents.

We recognise that every child has different needs and each intimate care plan will be flexible and responsive in order to meet these needs.

Nappy changing will only be carried out by a designated and named staff member trained in Child Protection/Safeguarding.