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Newcomers Policy Translatable Version

A Policy for Community Relations, Equality, Inclusion and Diversity & Inclusion of Newcomer Families




Ravenscroft Nursery School is committed to supporting, developing and promoting equality, inclusion and diversity in all of its practices and activities. We embrace a fully inclusive culture and ethos, free from discrimination and based upon the values of dignity, courtesy and respect. The school will support and develop the staff and children regardless of ethnic origin, national identity, disability, age gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or socio- economic background.


We endeavour to make Ravenscroft Nursery School welcoming to all cultural groups. We promote, at all times, an understanding of different cultures through the work the children do, the wide variety of resources we use and through displays. We aim for our curriculum to reflect the attitudes, values and respect that we have for ourselves and other cultures.



• To develop and promote a culture of equality, inclusion and diversity throughout the school

• To develop and promote a culture of dignity, courtesy and respect

• To support all children, staff and other adults attached to the school, regardless of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief

• To prevent all forms of unlawful discrimination

• To deal with all forms of discrimination consistently and effectively

• To ensure that the policy influences and informs the overall culture in the school










Roles and Responsibilities


All members of Ravenscroft Nursery School shall conduct themselves with dignity, courtesy and respect and to act in a non discriminatory manner at all times.


School Governors-

• The Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring that the school complies with legislation and that this policy and its related procedures and strategies are implemented.

A school governor will assume responsibility for Inclusion and Diversity and complete relevant training. The Principal will include a statement in relation to Community Relations, Inclusion and Diversity in the Principal’s report at each Governor meeting.



• The Principal is responsible for implementing the policy, for ensuring that all staff are aware of their responsibilities and given appropriate training and support. The Principal is responsible for taking appropriate action in any cases of unlawful discrimination. A record of such incidents must be kept and reported to the Board of Governors.


Staff are expected to –

• Actively encourage non discriminatory practices and to report any incidences of unacceptable behaviour

• To actively support the aims of this policy

• To undertake appropriate equality and inclusion and diversity training



Information and Resources

All staff and Governors will be aware of the content of this policy. It will be introduced and communicated to parents through the school prospectus in the admissions induction pack.

There are a wide range of resources to support race and cultural diversity.



Religious Observance

The religious beliefs and practice of all staff, children and parents will be respected. Reasonable requests relating to religious observance and practice will try to be met whenever possible.



Any information disclosed to the nursery in relation to equality, racial, inclusion and diversity issues will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with legislative requirements.


Breaches of the Policy

Breaches of this policy will be dealt with in the same ways that breaches of other school policies are dealt with, as determined by the Head teacher, the school governors, in accordance with EANI(BR) guidelines and procedures.



Monitoring and Evaluating

The implementation and the policy in practice will be recorded and discussed on a regular basis with all those involved with its delivery.

Audits and evaluations will be completed at regular intervals.



Welcoming Newcomer Children and Reducing Barriers to Learning in Ravenscroft Nursery School.


At Ravenscroft Nursery School we welcome newcomer families and children into our school community. We recognise that children from newcomer families may have little or no experience of listening to or using the English Language and will require carefully tailored support to be put into place in school.


Our Inclusion and Diversity Officer works closely with all of the school staff and Governors to ensure that our policies and action plans are up to date. Teaching and support staff are supported in their inclusive practice and advised in their planning and provision for newcomer children/children for whom English is not their main language. We have strong links with the Inclusion and Diversity Service (DENI & EA) and draw upon their advice and expertise where necessary. All school staff are familiar with the pre-school /Nursery toolkit for Inclusion & Diversity and utilise the resources contained within it.

When appropriate, interpreting services provided through the Inclusion & Diversity Service are used within the school, particularly for initial enrolment meetings and parent teacher meetings.


All newcomer pupils and their families will receive the following support strategies on enrolment into Ravenscroft Nursery School:


Open Night

An induction booklet

Welcome book

Suitable interpreter (when appropriate)

Checklist for admissions

Home visit



Our website uses Google Translate which allows users to view information in a language of their own choosing.

It is our policy that these documents will be as visually welcoming and self - explanatory as possible, bearing in mind that the whole family group may not be proficient in the understanding and use of the English Language.


As the children settle into school and begin moving on in their educational journey, we will gather information relating to each child and use this to inform individual profiles and targeted support.

A CEFR data capture form shall be completed for each child, which will follow them as they progress to Primary School. This will be updated regularly as their command and mastery of the English Language increase.

We are aware and respectful of the possibility that there may be a ‘silent period’, during which a child’s understanding of the English Language may be growing, but they will perhaps be reluctant to speak. This can last from 12-18 months for young children. During this time we will focus on providing an orally rich language environment so that the child can be exposed to the rhythm, sounds and structure of the language, and ensuring that this is backed up by enhanced visual cues and aids to build up understanding, fluency and vocabulary. Modelled and Scaffolded Talking activities will be used regularly to promote oral language development.


Classrooms and other key areas of the school will reflect the visual supports of a fully inclusive school environment and combine photos, PECS, supersymbols, social stories, the printed word and visual schedules as is age appropriate. We aim to provide emotional as well as practical reassurance and strategies which children can employ as their ability to speak and communicate fluently builds and progresses.

Children for whom English is an additional language will be fully integrated into their class group.


Parents are invited to 2 Parent Teacher meetings during the school year with an interpreter in attendance if required. Interpreters may attend information evening for parents which is held in May and assist parents, families and children with practical matters and to explain and translate information about curriculum policy and practice.


Support staff at Ravenscroft Nursery School are skilled at working alongside the class teacher in supporting Newcomer Children and promoting their language skills at every opportunity, deploying the inclusive resources effectively within the classroom setting. Staff development to increase staff awareness and confidence in providing a fully inclusive environment is an ongoing school priority.



Newcomer children are offered a staggered settling in period should they wish to gradually adjust to their new school environment – this can be agreed with the class teacher in advance of starting school.


Links between school and Newcomer families are strong and are co-ordinated by the School Inclusion and Diversity Officer. The school facilitates coffee mornings and information sessions where Newcomer families can meet up to share information and provide mutual support. Fluent, bi-lingual parents and older children are encouraged to forge links with the families of newly enrolled children.

A dedicated display board to promote and celebrate cultural diversity is maintained regularly in the school and is shared with pupils and parents visiting the school. The welcoming and inclusive environment is reflected in our use of multi-cultural signage around the school.

At Ravenscroft, whole school events which celebrate and promote cultural diversity are held throughout the school year and parents are invited to become involved.


Parents are at all times welcome into the school should they wish to participate in promoting cultural diversity, We are committed to working in partnership with all of our families to ensure that our Newcomer Pupils are given every opportunity to fully engage in the Life of the school and that potential barriers to their progress in learning are anticipated and reduced.