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October 2017 Newsletter translatable version



The settling-in process is going well and all the children are now admitted. Settling in is a difficult disruptive time in families. We appreciate the time and effort you have all made, ensuring a good start to school for your child. The staff are looking forward to spending the year with the children, fostering and monitoring their development.


During the first half term we concentrate on getting to know each other, getting to know about our school and our routines and learning to be as independent as possible.


There are photographs of all the children in your child’s class in the entrance lobby. Why not use these to talk to your child about his/her friends?

Nursery Routines and independence

Already many children can:

· Find their own names and stick them onto paintings or registration board

· Choose and put up own page on painting easel

· Put finished artwork on drier

· Help themselves to snack and take care of any empties and leftovers.

· Help each other with aprons

· Put on/ help each other put on a coat at playground time.

· Manage independently at toilet and wash time

This month we begin the theme of ‘myself’, getting to know each other and family members.

We will focus on the colours red, orange and black.


At the end of the month we will be concentrating on Hallowe’en traditions and events.



Don’t forget: ‘Once a week, take a peek!’ – Keep a close eye out for head lice.



There is a red recycling bin at entrance to school. Please use this to clear out any unwanted clothes, shoes, toys etc. All proceeds to British Heart Foundation.

We also recycle batteries.

The children will be planting bulbs this month as well as beginning to develop an awareness of recycling card, paper and plastics.

We collect empty cereal boxes, cardboard tubes etc for ‘junk art’. Please leave in trolley in entrance hall.



This will be non teaching supervised time only. We will offer this service from 8.30am each school morning starting Monday 16th October.

Morning room is available between 8.30am and 8.55am. If you arrive after this time, please wait until the main doors open at 9am. This allows time for staff to safely escort the morning room children into their classrooms before the main doors are opened.


  • Parents and their children will enter the school via the main door.
  • Please press intercom button to access the hall.
  • Help your child to hang up their coat on their peg
  • Bring your child to the parents room- Your child must be handed to a member of staff in the parents room each morning.




Siobhan, our Parent Worker, will be here on Thursday 5th October, after drop off, in the Parents room. We would love to see you there for coffee and a chat.



We have postboxes outside N1 and N2. These post boxes are to be used for snack and dinner money. Any reply notes can also be posted here.

Please make sure your childs name and class is on the envelope.



Old Pound coins will be going out of circulation mid October. Therefore from 2nd October, we cannot accept old pound coins at the nursery. This is to allow us time to lodge any old pound coins before they are no longer legal tender.



Start Monday 2nd October. Dinners cost £2.50 per day (unless your child is entitled to free school meals.) Therefore snack and dinner money is a total of £17.50 per week.







We will be taking orders for our school jumpers week of 2nd October. This will be the last chance to order any items this school year. Forms to be returned no later than Friday 13th October. Please ask for a uniform order form to be completed, and returned with payment.



Mon 2nd October to Fri 6th October 9.00am – 1.00pm

Mon 9th October onwards 9.00am-1.30pm



v Mon 9th October- Story Sacks/Getting Ready to Learn Workshop for Parents 9.15-10.15

v Mon 16th October- 9.15-10.15 Mrs Symington will be running a Parent workshop session on sensory development and how you can help your child’s attention, concentration and emotional wellbeing by using sensory approaches. This will be a very worthwhile session, incorporating a presentation with a practical session. All parents are welcome, please wear something comfy.

v Thurs 19th October- This is an exciting day for our children as we go for a trip on a big Double Decker Bus to Stormont Park. There we will go on an Autumn Walk, exploring Nature, and for a play at the adventure playground. We really rely on the help of Parent Volunteers on our trips, otherwise they cannot go ahead. If you are able to come along, we would really appreciate it. Permission sheets will soon be available outside each classroom.

v 23rd, 24th& 25thOctober – Parent/Teacher interviews from 2-4 pm for Mrs Symingtons class.

v 23rd & 24th October- Parent/Teacher interviews 8.30-9am, 12-12.30pm, 2-3pm for Mrs Mc Gowans class.

You can choose the time that suits you best- sign- up sheets will soon be available outside each classroom.

v 27th October- Halloween Party. If you would like your child to dress up in their own costume, please send costume (clearly named) with them to school that day in a carrier bag. We will also have costumes available at the nursery for children to get dressed up. Parent Volunteers from 12pm would be helpful, Many thanks J

v Individual School photographs will be taken of each child on Friday 17th November




We finish on Friday 27th October at 1.30pm for the half-term holiday. School will re-open on Monday 6th November.


Don’t forget to check our website for information on the school and photos of what your child has been up to-