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Pastoral Care Policy Translatable Version

Pastoral Care Policy

It is the policy of this nursery school that every child and adult within

the school will be valued as individuals, will be encouraged in their learning

growth and social development and will feel safe and secure within a

healthy, safe and structured environment.

Young children will be encouraged to develop self-esteem, confidence and

independence of thought to enable them to be sympathetic,

understanding and sensitive to the needs of their peers and others.

Children under our care will be gently supported and encouraged to

develop the necessary skills to cope positively with any threat to their

personal safety both from within and outside the school. The Principal will

liaise fully with all relevant outside agencies.

All staff members will be well informed about the potential dangers to

children and will be offered in-service training on this should the

opportunity arise. Staff members are fully committed to creating an

environment of care and trust and to ensuring the emotional and physical

welfare of the pupils as well as their academic progress.

Good working relationships based on mutual respect will be fostered and

regular staff meetings within the school will allow staff the opportunity

to contribute effectively to creating and maintaining a safe, secure

environment for both staff and children. The school staff work together

as a team, valuing and supporting each other.

A high standard of behaviour will be expected and staff will be fair, firm,

consistent and compassionate in their approach to classroom discipline.

Parents will be supported and encouraged to contribute positively to their

child’s education and welfare and staff will be available should parents

wish to discuss any problem whatsoever. The school places a strong

emphasis on good, open communication between parents and staff.

Parents will be informed regularly of their child’s progress and if any

problem should arise. When a child is ill or injured, the school will contact

parents immediately, using the contact numbers provided by them.

The school’s pastoral care policy will be reviewed annually by the staff

and Board of Governors.