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Positive Behaviour Policy Translatable Version



It is central to the philosophy and ethos of Ravenscroft Nursery School that positive behaviour amongst children and staff should be encouraged at all times. We aim to encourage self discipline, consideration for others, our surroundings and property.


Positive behaviour in our school/Inclusive Environment is promoted through:


· praising children and acknowledging positive action and attitudes;


· ensuring that the children know that they are valued and respected by the nursery staff;


· ensuring that all children know and understand the rules of the nursery and why these rules exist;


· showing children how to co-operate with their peers and resolve conflicts without aggression;


· setting appropriate limits for children that are maintained consistently by all staff members;


· working in partnership with parents to lay foundations from which children will grow into happy, self confident, well adjusted individuals;


· the example set by the staff. Nursery staff work together as a team showing respect for each others feelings and opinions and a shared vision for the children in their care.






Should a child display challenging behaviour, the following strategies will be employed:


· Co-operation with the parents to ensure a consistent approach is maintained at home and in school and that the parent is aware of the school’s behavioural policy.


· Support for the child to enable them to change their responses and move towards more positive behaviour.


· One to one work with the child to give them a better understanding of why their behaviour is unacceptable.


· Visual supports may be used if beneficial.


· Praise and reassurance to raise self esteem.


· Sensory strategies will be used throughout the school to pro-acvtively support sensory-based/sensory-seeking behaviours. Our policy for sensory development is linked to and complements our Positive Behaviour Policy.








In order to ensure the safety and well being of all the children in our care, the following rules apply:


· Children will treat each other with respect and refrain from actions that will hurt another child either physically or emotionally.


· Children are not permitted to leave the classroom without adult supervision.


· Children will walk, not run, inside the building.


· Children will share and take turns to use nursery equipment in a non destructive manner.





The staff in Ravenscroft Nursery School are expected to model the behaviour that they like to see in the children. In order to achieve this staff are encouraged to:


· Treat each other and the children with civility and respect.

· Carry out their promises – children will only begin to feel secure and trust adults around them if statements/agreements are followed by actions.

· Impose clear limits and ensure that children understand the reason.


· Anticipate: get to know the children and any potential behaviour triggers – seek to avoid or distract from triggers.


· Speak to the children in an appropriate manner – children should always be made to feel valued even if their behaviour is not always acceptable.

· Provide children with opportunities to understand their emotion by listening and providing support to enable the child to express their feelings, hurts and disappointments.


· Consider and use appropriate strategies for individual children.


· Work to establish good working relationships with parents in which both can express concerns in a supportive environment.

· Praise children’s achievements.

Staff understand that children need a structured secure environment in which they can be free to choose and experiment. Unlimited freedom puts too much responsibility on children and imposing good standards of behaviour should enable children to develop to their full potential.

Our Positive Behaviour Policy works in harmony with our Policy for Promoting and Inclusive Environment and our policy for Sensory Development.